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"I have been consistently impressed with the speed of service, accuracy of information, and the convenience to receive the national results. You also cannot beat their competitive pricing." - Sandi, MPA (Health Emergency Alert Response Team)

"The service has proven dependable, accurate and surprisingly fast. They have alerted us, many times, to an employees' dishonesty when filling out their application. I consider them a valuable partner in our continual efforts to keep our employees safe." - Ronda, Wendy's Restaurant Franchise Owner

Instant National and Statewide Criminal Background Checks

An excellent online resource to get a complete online instant statewide and national criminal background check for individuals and businesses!

With over 1 billion criminal records from one of the most comprehensive databases available, our nationwide background check search capabilities include county, state, national, federal, sex offender records and Social Security verifications.

instant people check

Instant People Check, LLC provides online instant results for background check employment, background check employee screening, tenant screening and individual background checks.

An amazing 1 in 37 people have spent time in prison. By performing a criminal background check on those you associate with, work for, or want to hire, you are keeping those around you safe.

Nationwide, Federal, Statewide and Social Security Verification Checks

Online Instant Nationwide criminal background and sex offender checks for only $17.95 per search.Click here for description. Results instantly e-mailed to you.
Online Instant Statewide criminal background and sex offender check for only $12.95 per searchClick here for descriptions. Results instantly e-mailed to you.
Nationwide Plus is our most complete criminal background check for only $29.95 per search Search includes nationwide, federal, sex offender and Social Security verification. Click here for description.
Federal and State Combo criminal background and sex offender check for only $24.95 per searchClick here for descriptions.

Business and Consumer Volume Discounts

Student Background Check Services

  • Nationwide Search and Social Security Verification packages available for students, faculty and administrators on college campuses.
  • Discounts up to 90% are available for entire student body background checks.
  • Promotes safety for the college campus.
  • Contact Us for more information.

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County Criminal Background Check

  • County criminal background checks for most states is only $24.95 per search. 
  • This is a search for county level or misdemeanor and felony criminal records. These County Courthouse searches are conducted manually by a local county researcher. Through our extensive network of researchers, we can search criminal records for most U.S. counties. Results are typically delivered in 1-5 business days.
  • Why Search County Courthouse Criminal Records?Some states do not provide statewide criminal records searches, or are limited to felony or state-level misdemeanor convictions. Some counties may not submit records to a particular statewide database. And, county courthouse searches are considered to be the most accurate type of background check available.        

    People use our services for many applications, below are just a few.

Employee Background Check

    Many companies conduct a criminal background check on potential employees to determine whether they have past criminal records. Such background checks will be important if the employee will be working closely with customers or will be handling money or financial information.

    An employment background screening can also be used to assess current employees for the purposes of promotion and demotion. By conducting an extensive employee background check, you have the ability to minimize the liability that you may be exposing your company to by accidentally hiring a person with a history of forgery or fraud.

Employment Background Check

    Just as it is important to conduct a thorough employee background check, it is advisable to conduct an employment background check for your own security. This is especially true if you are considering buying into a business or a franchise.

Personal Background Check