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County Criminal Background Check

A county criminal background check is the most accurate background check available. It is one of our national background check tools we offer to insure the best results.

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A county criminal background check for most states is only $24.95 per search. (Note: some prices may be higher due to higher court costs.)

This is a search for county level or misdemeanor and felony criminal records. These County Courthouse searches are conducted manually by a local county researcher. Through our extensive network of researchers, we can search criminal records for most U.S. counties. Results are typically delivered in 1-5 business days.

Some states do not provide statewide criminal records searches, or are limited to felony or state-level misdemeanor convictions. Some counties may not submit records to a particular statewide database. And, county courthouse searches are considered to be the most accurate type of criminal background check available.

If you need a nationwide background check, we offer several national background check choices. These include our online instant national background check, which will provide search results within seconds. Our NationwidePlus includes the nationwide background check database, a federal background check and a Social Security verification.

If you are planning to run a criminal background check in the near future, check out all of the background check tools we have to offer. These include an affiliate background check and a federal background check.

If you would like to conduct a criminal background check on someone, you can trust us to do the job for you. We offer several background check choices that will tell you if your subject has ever been convicted of a crime. The criminal background check detailed on this page allows you to check the archives in counties all over the United States of America. This can be helpful if you know your subject has never been found guilty of a federal crime. You can also run an affiliate background check if you would like to. More information about this option can be found on another page of our site.